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The Great Calm Electric - Second Single Released

At its heart Ravens is a protest song. There is so much corruption coming to light I wanted to write something that encapsulates the unexpressed emotions we carry around. The inner dialogue as we witness injustice. Corrupt politicians on every side of the spectrum, corporations avoiding accountability and influencing policy makers, this song stands for those who want peace, accountability and transparency.

"Waking up to find a raven in flight is very much different than a raven on your table staring you straight in the eye." Is a reflection on how much deeper it hits when problems that were once somewhere else in the world end up at your door and in your home.

Not since the 50's and 60's has civil rights been such a hot topic and I'm grateful to be able to write a song of the goings on of my times.

Ravens is available here for download and on all streaming platforms.

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