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The Great Calm Electric - Album Released

Updated: Sep 8

The Great Calm Electric full album released to all streaming platforms on August 8, 2023. Songs are available for purchase on our site. Happy listening.


I started the project with a heavier sound in mind, more peaks and valleys and when Phil Anderson came on board as producer he stressed the need for the “meniscus” to be very tight through every track. The aim was more subtlety would produce more impact. It was a very micro way of going about it and took me time to adjust but it was the perfect compliment to macro vision. I must have said a hundred times, let's hit the go button here or there and everywhere! Haha it just would have been too much distance covered in each track, the journey each song takes is right in the sweet spot and I’m very happy about that. Hearing it completed I would say this shift in approach is vital for longevity. The album came out much more inviting for repeat listening and I can’t see making music without that viewpoint in the future. One thing that stuck out to me as the process was getting along is this felt like a third album not a first, much more polish than I expected. The writing process for me has always been about the unseen, the thing behind the thing, looking for God would be the most simple way to say it. Making the mundane grandiose is the least original way to write but I don’t know if you can get away from that when making art. The process was natural, mostly smooth with minimal backtracking and natural innocent exploration. Ultimately nothing is sacred in rock and roll, you just gotta try something and build off that and that's what we did. The end product is a straight forward rock’n roll album who’s time has come to be released back into the ocean of music. From our hands to your ears, we hope you enjoy.

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