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Origin:  Pigeon Lake, AB

Genres:  Rock, Alternative Rock


Years Active:  2021- Present




Short Bio

Butter Bones is a rock n roll art project that grew up on 90’s alternative.  Written from an acoustic indie perspective this is the first full band release from Butter Bones.  Heavy into lyrical content and spiritual themes there is an ethereal wave that runs through the gritty pulse driving guitars. “Someone told me once that it's Tom Waits meets Oasis and I really liked that. Maybe you agree, maybe not but I don’t mind as long as you listen.”  Hailing from rural Alberta, Canada, Butter Bones is gearing up to melt speakers and hearts everywhere.


Recorded: Powerhouse Edmonton, AB

Producer: Phil Anderson

Our perception of life comes from the calm or turbulent state of the nervous system.  It is the system that dictates success and failure, life and death.  Well I’ve been dead long enough.  I’ve avoided music long enough.  This album represents heading back into the world I turned my back on.  Will this impact even one person?  Is it meant for my own salvation?  It might mean nothing and there would be peace in that.  A quiet life out in the country sounds damn fine with the state of the world right now.  One problem, it's hard to escape the pull of purpose, I tried my best to tune it out but the bastard dead ended every endeavor to escape.  Fairs fair and the persistence is impressive if not also annoying.  So now I’m here and I’m more interested in finding out what happens next than I am about where my nervous system is at.  F**king finally! That could be zen but I call it taking a damn long time learning a simple thing so I’m not that impressed but grateful to be here.  I’m rambling but I think you’ll hear all of this in the album, the blessings and curses, the conflict and acceptance.  Don’t feel guilty if you don’t though!  Make it yours when you listen.  Be truthful with it if you hate it or admit that it’s sacred if it got past your guards.  Break it to pieces or put it in your favourite box of keepsakes.  Then tell what you did with it, then I’ll do something with that and we’ll go again.



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