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Origin:  Pigeon Lake, AB

Genres:  Rock, Alternative Rock


Years Active:  2021- Present




Short Bio

Butter Bones is a rock n roll art project that grew up on 90’s alternative.  Written from an acoustic indie perspective this is the first full band release from Butter Bones.  Heavy into lyrical content and spiritual themes there is an ethereal wave that runs through the gritty pulse driving guitars. “Someone told me once that it's Tom Waits meets Oasis and I really liked that. Maybe you agree, maybe not but I don’t mind as long as you listen.”  Hailing from rural Alberta, Canada, Butter Bones is gearing up to melt speakers and hearts everywhere.


The Great Calm Electric is a reference to the nervous system. How we perceive life comes from the calm or turbulent state of this system.  To have this album come out calm after years of unforeseen roads to get here it feels right to start with this title.  Salsas and Jams is about choosing love in every moment, as many moments as possible and operating from that state till the end of the journey where you’re in your garden with friends and at peace.  Ravens at its root is a protest song.  It just seems everyday that more and more corruption is being revealed. This song is about the struggle to find that the truth of right and wrong and do something about it.


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